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Our Upper School Choir Class is a unique and enriching experience designed to empower middle and high school students with the joy of music while utilizing their gift of singing and also integrating biblical principles into their musical journey. Throughout the course students will receive comprehensive vocal training to include instruction on vocal techniques, breathing techniques, and performance skills to nurture their vocal abilities.

The FCA choir class provides personal development in confidence building by allowing students to perform in front of an audience and self-expression, which gives students the opportunity to express themselves emotionally and creatively, promoting self-awareness. Students will explore a wide range of musical genres that will allow them to broaden their musical horizons. The FCA choir class offers a collaborative learning environment that fosters teamwork and camaraderie as students learn to harmonize and synchronize their voices, creating a sense of unity.

Our FCA choir students will also have leadership opportunities as they take on leadership roles within the choir; promoting responsibility and teamwork. Our choir also looks forward to participating annually in a choir festival which provides our students with professional feedback from music educators around the country. 
We believe that music can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth and this class integrates biblical themes and values into our music selections and discussions, providing students with a deeper understanding of their faith.

Through choir performances, students will have the opportunity to use their musical talents for weekly chapel services and community service, spreading positivity and hope. Our class aims to instill a lifelong love of music and singing, whether students pursue a future in the arts or simply enjoy music as a hobby.