Upon acceptance you are required to pay the enrollment fee of $120. The next step is creating your ParentsWeb & FACTS account. All families must have a FACTS payment plan set up for monthly tuition payments within 10 calendar days of acceptance. You will be required to initiate your payment plan through FACTS. Families do have the option to pay in full once the account has been set up. FCA operates on a 12-month payment plan – (June – May). FCA Preschool operates on a 10-month payment plan – (August – May).


FCA Tuition Fees

Financial Aid

Freedom Christian Academy utilizes the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to evaluate each financial aid application for financial need. Limited financial aid funds are available for use. The application for admission into the school and the application for financial aid are separate processes. Once the application for admission into the school is complete, and a student has been accepted into the school, an application for financial aid may be started.


How does the process work?

Financial aid applications are made online through FACTS, which reviews and verifies the financial and tax data provided by each applicant and makes recommendations to Freedom Christian about the family’s financial need. A copy of your completed last year’s tax return must be submitted to FACTS when applying for financial aid.

Depending on the time of year and the complexity of your tax filing, it may take two to three weeks for FACTS to verify your application before it can be submitted to Freedom Christian’s Financial Aid Committee for consideration. Your application cannot be placed into a batch* until FACTS has “verified” it.

We encourage you to submit your information weeks ahead of a batch deadline. Do not wait until the batch deadline to submit your information to FACTS. Freedom Christian’s Financial Aid Committee will consider FACTS’ verified applications in batches according to the schedule listed below*.


When can I apply for financial aid?

The financial aid application process opens each year with re-enrollment (mid-January). Returning and New families applying for admission into Freedom Christian Academy may begin the financial aid application process at that time.


How do I apply for financial aid?

You may apply online with FACTS. The processing fee is $30 and must be paid by credit card directly to FACTS once your application is submitted. The application process is complete when you have provided all tax documents requested by FACTS and they have “verified” your application.

Returning Families

Apply online by June 17 for financial aid with FACTS using your existing username and password. All financial documentation such as tax returns and W2’s will be handled through FACTS. They can also answer any questions you have about these documents and the financial aid evaluation process by contacting the FACTS Parent Hotline at (866) 441-4637.

New Families
Apply online by August 1 for financial aid with your newly created FACTS account. All financial documentation such as tax returns and W2’s will be handled through FACTS. They can also answer any questions you have about these documents and the financial aid evaluation process by contacting the FACTS Parent Hotline at (866) 441-4637.

When will my financial aid application be processed?

Once your financial aid application is complete and verified by FACTS, and the additional steps listed above have been finalized, your financial aid application will be placed in the next available batch* for processing.

Please remember, financial aid funds are limited, and applications in batches 2 and 3 will only be considered if there are any financial aid funds remaining after families meeting previous batch deadlines have been serviced.

Freedom Christian will consider the FINAL financial aid batch on June 15th of each year, if funds are still available. You must have been accepted into the school and be in a “verified” state with FACTS by this date in order to be considered in this final batch. This process can take weeks, so it is important for you to get the process moving well ahead of this deadline.


How much will my financial aid be?

Freedom Christian Academy is a private school and does not receive any government funding. Financial aid is available to families with a demonstrated financial need. Because each family’s financial situation is different, we are unable to give you an estimate of your financial aid amount. Not all families who apply will receive financial aid.


How will I receive my financial aid notification?

Financial aid notifications will be emailed by FACTS within three weeks after a batch deadline*. The financial aid must be accepted by you on the FACTS website within 10 calendar days from the date on the financial aid award email. If we do not receive your response within that time, your financial aid will be forfeited to another family.


*Batch Deadline Schedule

If Your Application Is “Verified” and All Other Conditions Are Met on or Before: Your Application Will be considered in Batch Number:

  • March 15
  • April 15
  • June 15

Scholarship has been awarded for the previous year. Please apply for 2019-2020.
Scholarship acceptance will be limited.

School Opportunity Scholarships are the latest educational option for public school parents in NC as of 2013. The program was designed to create scholarships that allow low-income/working-class parents an educational choice for their children entering grades 1st through 12th. If you qualify based on your income and household size, you may apply and use that $4200 voucher toward the private school of your choice.

What an incredible option for parents who have prayed for an opportunity to send their child to a Christian school where values/ethics and biblical instruction are the standard!

Freedom welcomes any family who shares our vision for America: to raise up godly young people to serve Him, their families, and their country, whether the Lord directs them to business, industry, or the military. The admissions process is the same for all who apply including the admissions fee, the necessary paperwork and an interview with our Head of School.

The 2019-20 new student application for the Opportunity Scholarship Program opens February 1, 2019. The priority deadline is March 1, 2019. The application will close on June 1, 2019. Eligible applicants who apply between February 1 and March 1 participate in the lottery. The application remains open until all funds are exhausted.

The priority deadline for renewal and new applications is March 1. For full details, read the Opportunity Scholarship Program Overview.

If you would like to tour the campus, please call our office at (910) 485-7777 extension 314 and set up an appointment with Mrs. Natalie Moore. We would love to talk with you about this newest family-friendly piece of legislation for our state’s citizens!