Our Goals

Sometimes students have learning difficulties that hinder classroom performance or cause an extra amount of preparation time to maintain desired grades. Many of these students have normal or above-normal intelligence, good eyesight, and good hearing. Some even make acceptable grades in school and appear to be good readers, yet they struggle in one or several areas of school performance.

The Discovery Learning program at FCA is intended to address the identified area of deficiency and prepare an ongoing program to help a student become an independent learner that will ultimately not need the services. To meet these needs, we offer three levels of involvement in the program. The level of service necessary will be determined by the Discovery Learning team after review of testing and other appropriate documentation.

1. Full-time – Includes specific programs and added therapy time to execute identified education plans. Student also meets with DL team if they attend Tuesday/Thursday tutoring.
2. Part-time – Students pulled from class several times each week to support identified areas needing improvement. Student also meets with DL team if they attend Tuesday/Thursday tutoring.
3. Support – Testing reviewed by DL team, teachers advised on areas to help the student within the classroom based upon the testing, and ongoing support is provided to teachers as needed.

Families that have questions about this program or wish to begin the process for enrollment should contact our director, Kathy Maxwell, at kmaxwell@fcapatriots.org.